Black Heel Portraits - FAQs

A few common questions…





Well, Yes and No.....


Every photo shoot is different. We all come in different shapes and sizes and I will tailor the session for each person as a unique individual.

Every boudoir shoot starts with you. This is a moment in your life for you. This is your moment to shine. Boudoir is my favourite style of photography and this is because I hope to not only capture beautiful images of you but also go a long way to making you feel body confident! 


All of us have had a LOT of bad photographs taken. As we work together we can put this experience to rest and create photos to cherish. Many of us look back and remember how we felt self conscious in photos when we were younger and reflect that we had no reason to feel that way.



The layout of a shoot for a plus size or curvy woman is identical to any other session whether they be tall, short, plus size or curvy.




I usually tell my clients to bring 2-3 changes of lingerie, at least one corset, a white shirt and a fluffy jumper.  I also ask ladies to bring negligées or coverups.   If you can't decide beforehand, bring more.

 I can't promise to use them all but it is nicer to have too much choice than regret it later. 




Things to think about...

  • Get your roots done if they need it 


  • Make sure nails are tidy and, if painted, they are not chipped


  • Waxing/shaving. Whatever your routine, just make sure you’re happy with the state of things in time for your shoot, don't do it on the day of your shoot


  • Eyebrows - try and do at least 48 hours before - give chance for the redness to abate


  • Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your photo shoot


A note about wanting to lose weight before your session….you do not need to! You are beautiful exactly as you are. You will look fabulous in the images we create together, whether you lose a few pounds or not. If you tell yourself you’re going to wait until you are the perfect number on the scale to come see me, there’s a pretty good chance you won't ever come.


I will make sure you hold yourself correctly, and move parts of your body in just the perfect way. I'll be able to move your arms, your chin, and your legs to get you into the perfect position.  (You may ache a little afterwards.)




I’ll tell you not to worry. I understand how you feel and for a long time that was why I was behind the camera and not in front of it.  I do not want you to focus on the parts of your body you dislike and I do not want you to wish you weren't in the picture. I understand how this feels and I will promise that you will not feel this way with me. I will take time to listen to what you want, planning and prepping before the session. We’ll chat about any body concerns you might have - if there are areas of your body you’re not so keen on and we can make these bits look their best. We’ll also chat about any parts of your body you love so we can be sure to highlight and celebrate those.


On the day of your session we will also draw on;

  • the skills of a professional makeup artist 

  •  several wardrobe options

  •  sets

  • coaching to create  plenty of poses and coaching editing


I will then view and retouch your best images so that we can have a beautiful viewing a few weeks later.





I recommend you contact me as soon as you know you’d definitely like to do this.


Seize the moment!


 I work to a limited number of bookings each month.  It is easier to book ahead.


 Book it and be proud of who you are now! #thisisme #imfabulous #bebodyconfident 

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