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Frequently Asked Questions - The Image Network

What does it cost?

The cost of The Image Network is £50 per month.  You can pay for 6 months in advance for £250 and for 12 months for £400.

Minimum term is 3 months.

What should I bring?

I asked people to bring a couple of outfits.  Outfits will tend to be led by the location we are shooting in for that month. For example, when we shoot in an office environment then office attire may be more appropriate to what you choose to wear in a field.  I'm always happy to give individual advice however. 

You can bring props if you wish. 

How long does it last?

A typical Image Network session lasts for approximately an hour with everyone sharing the shoot time. 

What if I'm ill, it's raining or I can't make it that month?

Due to the nature of the photoshoots they cannot be rearranged.  You will be offered 5 additional from a past or future shoot.

If it is outside and it is raining then coats or umbrellas will be required.

In the case of torrential rain, snow storms or gales I will endeavour to rearrange for everyone involved for safety reasons. 

When are the shoots?

The Image Network takes place on 2 days each month.  Usually one day has a morning shoot and one day has an afternoon shoot.

The dates are

July 4th, 5th

August 8th, 9th

September 5th, 6th

October 10th, 11th

November 14th, 15th

Dec 5th, 6th

Jan 9th, 13th

Feb 13th, 15th

March 113th, 6th

April 17th, 18th

May 8th, 9th

June 12, 13th.

How many photos will you take?

Galleries will have approximately 15-20 images (often more) for you to choose your 5 images from.  

You can purchase the rest of your gallery for £10 per image or £60 for the whole gallery.



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