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Personal Branding Photograph

Branding Photography

In today’s fast-paced and hugely competitive business world, a distinct and recognisable personal brand is an essential tool for success.

Your personal brand should convey your experience, your expertise and your ability to solve whatever problem a potential client may have.

Whether you own a small business, or are a freelancer, maybe a blogger, or even an Instagram influencer, a personal brand conveys YOU to an audience.

 In your photo session with me, I will help you bring your personal branding image to life and give you a foundation upon which to build or further your business. 

How I work

My aim is to present you with photographs that are beyond your expectations.

Photographs that make your face light up with delight at the images before you. Photographs that showcase your skill, your expertise and the incredible value you bring to your clients.

Here are the steps to getting your hands on those images…

First up - Consultation

This can be done in-person, over a zoom call or on the phone. This allows us to have a chat, I can get a feel for the type of shoot you’d like. Plus, you get the opportunity to ask me any questions that may be buzzing around your head.

During this time, we will schedule your session and choose a location that best suits the brief. This could be at my studio in Loughborough, your workplace or even outside – wherever allows you to convey yourself authentically and with confidence.

Should you require a hair and make-up session, I have trusted beauticians I work with on a regular basis whom I can book for the shoot.

But what should I wear?

This is a regular query, so fear not – you are not alone.

I suggest a few changes of outfit, around five to six usually works, and include a range of items that you feel not only comfortable in, but best suit you and the image you wish to present.

It probable that together we will settle on a couple of changes, but always best to be prepared.


But I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera!

Fear not, that is how the majority of us feel – we were not all born to be participants on Love Island (thankfully) – but once you settle into the rhythm of talking to me, posing a bit and having a laugh, I promise that you will enjoy the experience.


The images you receive will have captured your smile, strength and that inner light that sometimes can feel like it got a bit lost along the way.


What happens after the shoot?

If we are at my studio, I’ll upload the photographs to my computer and we can have a little browse through them while we sip a coffee, or tea or even a hot chocolate from the onsite marvel that is Bom Bom Patisserie.

Then you can choose your favourites and depending on the package you have chosen I will then email the chosen images to you.

 If you are an iPhone user, I can airdrop the images to you there and then…

If we are away from the studio, I will email the images to you as soon as I am back at my studio. 

Following this, it’s all down to you to share those images on social media and let your clients, existing and potential to see what you can help them with.

How to Bring Your Personality to Your Photoshoo

This may sound a tad daft, and it isn’t like you could leave your personality in the car, but for many people, being in front of a camera causes them to freeze. Sometimes, this can be in the way they move, smile, laugh and it can all look a bit, well, forced.

When it comes to building your personal brand, personality is everything and when getting that brand out to the wider public, and your intended audience, your personality is a major selling tool.

Remember, people are naturally inquisitive (read nosey), and they want to hear a story - your personal brand is all about what makes you uniquely you, from your look to your skills to your interests to your background.

‘But I don’t have a ‘personal’ brand?’ is something that I hear a lot.

‘I’m just me and I’m not interesting / am shy / just do my job / love helping people.’

Whatever your reasons for starting your own business, there will be a story behind it, and you do have personality that you can not only bring to the shoot but that we can get to shine through on those images. Trust me – I know what I am doing.

To make the steps easier and less daunting, I’ve complied a few tools you can use to make sure the real you shine through in your photos!


Choose a colour scheme.

Let’s get this straight - Strong visuals are very important when establishing your personal brand. Whether we agree with it or not, many people make a judgment on that initial image.

In business, this is more commonplace as people like to feel a connection to the folk they are working with. Therefore, it is essential to consider the styles and colours you’ve already implemented within your website and logo and then choose outfits and locations that compliment that.

Are you a creative, fun-loving graphic designer with a hint of whimsy? Consider implementing bright, contrasting colours throughout your photoshoot. Maybe you want your brand to come across as more sophisticated, professional, and modern so a sleek monochromatic colour palette might be more your style.

Then, ensure that your clothing, makeup and location choices reflect whatever style you want to convey at your shoot.


Know your story.

It’s a fact – people want to know about other people and the same applies for your audience. While of course they want to know what you do and how you do it, they also want to know who you are.

Working with a confident, interesting person who’s easy to work with and knows who he or she is a win-win opportunity. Your potential clients want to hire someone who offers something a little different than everyone else. Take some time to write down the story of who you are and what you bring to the table.

As your photographer, I want to know your story in advance so that we can work together to achieve what you want to convey – namely, your vision. 

Communicate your vision.

Now you have that vision it is time to step onto the stage!

Not literally, obviously but who doesn’t like a teeny bit of drama now and again?

Expressing your vision to me is an essential part of the process and will ensure that our session[s] are meaningful, effective and on point.

During your consultation, discuss with me the How, What and Where so that I can create the best possible shoot for you and make sure your photos turn out even better than you imagined.

Oh, and please don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of me. I’ve done this a while now and am always up for a challenge. Remember, if I don’t know, then I can’t help! 


How to Get the Most Out of Your Personal Branding Photos?


Once your personal brand photoshoot is over, it’s all about using your gorgeous new photos to your advantage. If you use them right, you’ll be able to turn those photos into a larger audience, new clients, and more sales. Here are some of the best ways to use your photos to really get your money’s worth:


This is an ideal time to give your website a facelift. Photographs, especially good branding images, help anyone who visits your site connect with you and feel like they know you a little better. After all, people buy from people and trust goes a long way when you are making new connections.

Social media

Social media is basically, ‘where it’s at,’ so share the beejeesus out of those images on your chosen channels. This will, over time, increase your audience and with likes, shares and comments your own network will grow.

Your photoshoot will provide a host of different images, which can help you generate more content, more often. Marketing our own businesses can be something that can get missed when running a business – this provides you with a good excuse to come up with some new pieces that highlight all of those great shots of you.

Another bonus is that personal brand photos make great profile pictures, so it is important to update your profile photos to keep them looking fresh.


Think beyond the screen!

Compile printed brochures using your personal brand photos and then leave them in local businesses, bring them to in-person client meetings, and keep a few handy in case you ever run into a potential client.

Plus, you can always post the downloadable file on your website, too!


Business cards

Over and over, I see professional people over their business card and what they pass on to a potential client is nothing more than a few words on a piece of card. Boring!

No-one ever said business cards should be boring. Choose one of your best, read favourite brand photos and feature it on your business cards.

This means that your new contacts will always be able to put a face to your name, making you memorable and helps you stand out.

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