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2019 - an unwritten story

I hate new year - I rarely celebrate it and stay up. I hate the idea of things being finished; I hate endings! This runs through into my daily life and in particular TV series. If I have a favourite TV series and find out that it hasn't been renewed then I won't watch the end of the series - ever! If I find out a favourite character is being killed off - I won't watch it. I remember when David Tennant was Dr Who - I had his regeneration episode recorded for MONTHS but only watched it when I could watch the next episode where I met the new doctor immediately.

Once the new year starts though - it is an adventure! The cliche of 365 pages of an unwritten story. What will you do with yours? I don't write resolutions - I feel like I'm setting myself up to fail, but I was talking to the lovely Emma from Rose Beauty Services (follow her page if you don't already - amazing nails!) who said she always likes to try something new or take something on. Well, that got me thinking...what new things am I going to try this year with my teaching, my photography and me personally? Teaching is easy - I would to further my training and gain new skills, photography is fairly easy too - more training, challenging myself to try something new in every shoot. As a result I've bought myself some fractals - I love them! They turn the lens in a kaleidoscope.

To begin with in 2019 I am going to be 40 - there are a few things I have planned and so I thought if I wrote some challenges down and added to them here I may actually do them!

  • Climb Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire - my anxiety doesn't allow me to do things like this normally so I really need to plan for it but I truly want to climb to the top and photograph the views.

  • Fly in a plane. I have not flown since the birth of my children so 13 years. I need to do this so it stops affecting what my children want to do.

  • Lose 5 stone.

  • Get a back tattoo - I have a design in mind but to do it I need/want to do the above.

  • Be able to run a mile without stopping.

  • Swim in a lake - ideally in France

Although someone needs to hold the dog!
  • I would love to wild camp like my friend Nicola from Mini Micro Adventures, maybe I could combine this with climbing Thorpe cloud?

  • A location family photoshoot with Julie Oswin from Julie Oswin Photography - well I can't shoot my own!!!

What do you plan to do to make the most of 2019?

One of the first things you could do with your blank 2019 is to make an appointment with me! Whether that is a family photoshoot, one for you as a couple or your children or even a boudoir shoot - make this the year you choose to be photographed! Be present - be remembered.

I read last year that the children of this time are the most photographed - ever! However, they have almost no physical pictures that they can hold. That they will be able to look back on in 50 years....photos that they can pull out and show their own children or their neighbours children.

Print your photos - Hang them on the wall; put them on mantelpieces, window sills and have photo books made, shove them in an envelope - whatever but PLEASE PRINT THEM!

Message me on my facebook page www.facebook.com/fionamillingtonphotography for a family photoshoot.

Message me on my boudoir page if you would like a boudoir shoot www.facebook.com/blackheelportraits and don't forget with a boudoir shoot you get to use the truly amazing and fantastic Chloe Simone https://www.facebook.com/chloesimonemua/. I love her more than words and I wouldn't work without her as she has the amazing skill or bringing out my clients best features!

Alternatively, you can call me on 07590275809 or email on fionamillingtonphotography@yahoo.co.uk to discuss any of your needs!

Tell me - what new things are you going to write into your story? Comment on my blog to tell me.


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