• Fi Millington-Pipe

A drop of colour in a grey world

I just love it when I see a pop of colour in the grey shade. It feels really retro, naughty ( colour pop is so 1990s) but also very playful, after all rules were made to be broken!

It was great catching up with friends over the bank holiday weekend. We were in France and one of the people we were talking to was telling us about when he was a child in East Germany before the wall came down. Everything was grey and blocky, functional and austere. He can remember how much people craved novelty, forbidden things and colour. He really wanted a stick of wriggley’s crewing gum with the bright yellow wrapper and little bit of silver.

You know it is a bit of a tease the spring. A ray of sun and then it buckets it down for another few days. A little green shoot then more mud. Especially this Easter!

It is a theme I've been playing with over the last few shoots. Don’t you love the results? It this the subtle reveal where I can show true colours that come shining through.

Once the spring begins in earnest we get to look forward to a RIOT of colour! And lets face it - who doesn't look forward to that!


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Fiona Millington-Pipe is an East Midlands,Coalville based photographer offering family photoshoots on location and in a studio, product photography and business photography. My aim is to make you relaxed and capture the real you!


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