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A tense affair?

#Family shoots can be a somewhat tense affair.

Nerves, coupled with a dash of low self-esteem and a fear of being in front of the #camera, can be a recipe for disaster.

Teenagers, adults – even the odd animal, can suffer with the ‘fear’ – it’s perfectly natural and absolutely okay.

But it’s no reason to not have a professional photo shoot done – in fact, it’s all the more reason to have one done.

Gathering the family together for a specific time on a specific date makes an event out of the occasion – especially if it involves a couple of outfit changes for the ‘youngsters’ in the group.

A #professional photographer understands reactions from people when faced with a camera – so is equipped to get the absolute best from the shoot.

A photo shoot experience is all about capturing those relaxed moments of fun and laughter so that you can hang them on your wall with joy.

I am relocating to a swanky new studio (available from February) but in the meantime I am working at #Biscuit in Coalville or out on location.

My photographs make fabulous #Christmasgifts and will add a smile or a laugh every time you see them.

Simply get in touch, book some time with me and let’s round of this bizarre year with some amazing photos!

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