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Previously, on #ladywiththelens I have broached the subject of storing photographs in photo albums.

If you are under 25 please go and Google it!

Remember when we took photos on a camera? When we’d used up the allotted 24 or 36 available shots, we’d flick open the back of the camera and take the film to #Boots for developing (others were available!)

We then had to go home and wait…

I know – the madness of not having those photos instantly available to us, but these were the days when waiting was what we did.

So, the following day (if you’d paid extra) or over the next couple of days, you’d return and collect your envelope containing your images.

Standing to one side, you’d eagerly open them and have a quick flick through – hoping you’d only got a couple of blurry ones to discard.

No deleting here, you actually threw them in the bin.

Once home, you’d either add to an existing photo album or excitedly open a new one. Then would follow a happy couple of hours choosing the exact order to place them, before carefully sliding them in for display.

Maybe this year a #photoalbum would make a fab gift for a loved one – you could even start them off with a few well-chosen prints placed inside.

Memories are essential, so please let’s get our photographs off our phones and laptops and release them because they need to be seen.

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