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April's Musings

After enjoying the sun last month, I’ve been galvanised into action and have done a bit of gardening. Being outside always makes me feel better and the fresh air does wondrous things to my brain. For example,

I got thinking about April Fool’s Day - where it started, why it started and how come so many people fall for it year after year!

So, off to Google I headed – don’t know about your household, but ‘Google it’ has become the main answer to any question. It matters extraordinarily little as to the context and my kids always relish telling me their findings.

This blog is a little bit of trivia, a good dose of chat and a friendly hello to you all - so grab a cuppa and some chocolate, and join me as I wax lyrical about the past, traditions and my plans …

So, to my findings… One rumour, because it seems that no one really knows, is that it originated in France around 1582 when the country changed its calendar and moved from the Julian to the Gregorian.

This is all a bit, ‘Erm, yes… and…’until you know that until the change of calendar, the French celebrated their New Year on the 1st of April. See, now it all makes sense – they had to change to the 1st day of January when they switched calendars.

Owing to the distance between people and the lack of communication option – no phones, TV or even Wi-Fi – lots didn’t get the message and therefore continued to celebrate the New Year on the 1st of April. This caused much amusement for people in the know and they played pranks on their unsuspecting victims. They soon came to be known as April fools and were easy targets because of their lack of knowledge as to the change.

There are a few other ideas as to the origin – one that involves a poem by the Flemish writer, Eduard De. Dene, another where some people believed that the arrival of Spring threw the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere and they believed that nature was playing a trick on them – you know what Spring is like – it tricks you into believing that you can leave the house without a jacket or umbrella because of the lovely sunshine only to drown you in a downpour half an hour later – but my favourite is the rumour that the trend originated in Scotland.

On the first day of April, the Scots celebrated by hunting ‘the gowk,’ – don’t ask me to pronounce it – I am simply the messenger, anyway this hunt went on for two days. It consisted of a fake bird, which, unsurprisingly was also known as a cuckoo bird - a symbol for a Fool – and the people involved hunted this for a joke. It seems that on the second day, Tallie Day, the fun descended into tricks and jokes, with pinned signs being pinned onto the bums of overs. Over the years this idea spread and got more and more imaginative.

In short, as no one really knows from whence the tradition sprang from, it’s just a great day to come up with some fab pranks and have a laugh – goodness knows we need it at this time.

Looking forward

After the winter months, it is great to have more hours of daylight and that fabulous warmer weather. Everywhere I look plants are poking their heads above the soli and the trees are budding up beautifully. Over the weekend I was out walking and came across some hedgerows with the most wonderfully fragranced white flowers. They were striking against the blue sky.

It has been great being back behind the camera and I have done a few commercial shoots which went really well. I love working with Ohh Betty and the resultant photographs are always a joy to share.

My vouchers sold really well and soon I will be welcoming the clients who purchased them for family, group and pet shoots into my brand-new studio.

‘Oh, did I mention in my last blog that I’ve moved to a swanky new pad in Loughborough?’

‘I did and you know?’

‘Okay, well…’ Anyway, I cannot wait to fling the doors wide open and welcome people into the studio. Speaking of which I am thrilled to announce that I have a …

Launch party date – 3rd July 2021

I will be hosting a party at the new studio on Saturday the 3rd of July from 10 am until 2 pm. Please come and visit if you can – there is the most fabulous cake shop housed in the same building and I will have nibbles and drinks for my guests.

N.B – If anything changes re the date of the launch, I will post on my Facebook page so keep your eyes open for updates.

To conclude my ramblings…

Continue to look forward, dear reader. The thought of some summer sun and the hope that we can start to plan some getaways, even if that means staying closer to home, is a welcome thought.

Having people round to sit in the garden for drinks and BBQ’s is also on my to-do list. We are a naturally sociable family and all of us are excited to be able to mix, carefully of course, will friends and family.

I have my first meeting with my friends pencilled in at the local coffee shop where we will sit together outside with jumpers and blankets and be face-to-face. I really can’t wait.

I’m going to end this blog with warm wishes to you all – here’s to the continues success of the vaccine program and the intended relaxed restrictions over the next three months.

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