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Capturing Business Events

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of working with the business geniuses that are Paul Ince, Lindsey Newman-Wood and Martin Broadhurst FRSA whilst they delivered their Bootcamp at Chatsworth House.

I set off, nice and early and hit everyone possible red light and traffic jam I could find. Thankfully I arrived in plenty of time and as I drove around the final corner on my journey the sun ☀️ peeked out from behind the clouds 🌧️ and created a spectacular first view of the house.

The event was PACKED with people ready to learn and garner as much information as they could from Paul, Lindsey and Martin who each delivered segments with the knowledge and wit of people strong in their fields. Each work was followed by a discussion in small groups, guided by the team who were always on hand to lend even more expertise!

This event was organised by The Chamber of Commerce.

If you would your event photographing then get in touch via phone 07590275809 or email

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