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Dropped down the loo!


How many of you have #teenage children who take #selfies – lots of selfies?

We all take lots and lots of photographs on our phones, but teenagers seem to take sooooo many more than the rest of us.

They include their friends, the dog, cat, rabbit – and themselves, in various facial poses that would have prompted our parents to ask if we required medical attention.

But does your teenager back-up those photos anywhere?

Imagine their face should the absolute worst happen, and they lost that phone, dropped it down the loo (not everyone has a waterproof one) with all those images!

Encourage your teenager to go through those photos on a regular basis – deleting the blurry and quite frankly, terrifying ones and then upload the rest.

A perfect gift for #Christmas could be a photo album – where they could store some printed selfies of themselves, their friends, the dog, cat, rabbit and see for themselves the changes as they grow up.

They might even stop making those duck pouts 💋

Come on, people let's get those photos off our phones and either into albums or framed and on those walls 🥰

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