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Guest Blog with Morgana Creely from Image Cinematic

As part of my blogging I wanted to introduce to you some of the fabulous photographers and artists I have been able to get to know whilst I've been on my journey. The first of those is Morgana! She is, in my opinion, truly amazing! See a picture by her and know you know instantly who created it....she has a style all her own and I am proud to call her my friend and inspiration...

Here is what she had to say:

Fiona has asked me to write a blog on what inspires me, and why I create the images that I do. It all comes down to one word: storytelling. I have always loved visual storytelling, Film Noir, old BW movies, moving pictures or stills - images that tell stories – that make me stop and ask “what is happening?”

I’m sitting here as I write this, watching “The Golem”, a 1920 silent horror film by Paul Wegener. These days it might be considered unfashionable or over the top, but I love it. Without the dialogue the visual was everything. Yes the gestures and facial expressions are over exaggerated at times, but that’s part of its charm.

There are stories all around us, every day. We are so used to seeing so many of them that we just don’t think about it, and they never come to mind when we’re trying to come up with shooting ideas. They don’t have to be elaborate or stylised (a lot of mine are but that’s my style). Fi tells her stories with clean, light images that show her subjects in the fun, or beauty of the moment. That’s part of the secret – tell the stories you’re passionate about, in the style that you’re comfortable. Learning from other styles is great, but stay true to who you are, and explore the stories that call to you.

You can discover more about Morgana, her style and even join her membership site and sign up for courses at http://imagecinematic.com/

Thanks for reading

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