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Photography and Me

I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. When my husband and I first got together I was using a standard point and shoot film camera, it even took panaramics. I remember thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread! As the years progressed, I yearned for something more. I eventually bought a Canon SLR and after some time we travelled to Venice. I think it was the first time I've truly felt at one with my camera. Everywhere I looked there was something to photograph and even more so when off the regularly trodden paths, frescos hidden under arches - it was magical. I came home and developed my films at a local pharmacists and was thrilled, but here in lay my problem. It wasn't instant enough...after a day out I wanted to see my photographs and see what I had produced! See whether I had truly captured it the way I thought I had - you see I am self taught so I had to rely on instincts. I became more interested in digital photography and eventually gave up my SLR for small point and shoots. They never really did enough. It took me a few years and I bought my first DSLR. I LOVED IT and never looked back.

About 2 years ago, I decided I was going to buy a good camera - at this point it was never really about business but about a past time I loved. I weighed up all the options and spoke to numerous people, including Dean O'Shea and went from purchasing a Nikon to a Pentax. The reasons were numerous but the Pentax offered me everything and more. I knew, early on that 2nd hand pentax lenses are rare (like rocking horse whatsit) but the fact the camera and lenses were pretty much waterproof (ok you can't swim with them but they are certainly torrential rain proof after a horrendous storm in Anglesey), dust proof, sand proof and snow proof was a huge selling point. Now, I have two and I would have to be pushed to move to another brand. I'm not a brand snob - I just love them - particularly my red one - well who wouldn't?

Taking photos is more than snapping a picture for me. Whether I am in the studio, on location, at a wedding or exploring the world with my family I get an incredible sense of peace. I lift the camera to my face and breathe (more like sigh) with contentedness. I press the button and sometimes I chimp...(look at the back of the screen and go oooooo - like a chimp) because I did it - I captured it - I created that art! That's how I see it, art!

My family support me in all of this, on several occasions present Mr MP has been known to tell the children "We are looking for places to photograph today with Mummy..." They know how much it means to me, they also know if I am behind my camera I lose time and they get longer a parks and beaches - it's a win win situation! I'm also grateful to present Mr MP for always being willing to see what's round the next bend, to hold the camera bag, carry gear and never be tooooooo cross when I tell him I have bought another small piece of gear.

As I got more and more into my photography I joined a number of groups and met people who inspired me, you'll meet those people over the coming weeks as part of my guest blogs... And...as I have written a blog post I thought I better include a picture :) So here is a picture I took in Anglesey - my trusty Pentax really got a work out with its waterproofing capabilities! Don't forget to leave me a comment of a question at the bottom of this blog! :) Have a good day gang!

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Fiona Millington-Pipe is an East Midlands,Coalville based photographer offering family photoshoots on location and in a studio, product photography and business photography. My aim is to make you relaxed and capture the real you!


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