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Photography Retainers - what's that!?

Photography retainers

I would like to talk about the importance of retainers. Not the sort you pop on your teeth but the sort that involves you, your company and your brand working closely with a photographer like Moi.

A business retainer is essentially an agreement whereby the business pays a reduced ‘retainer’ fee rather than the usual rates. This can be a one-off payment for a set piece of work or time, or a regular payment each month.

In essence, it’s a far more affordable way to contract a service without the faff of ringing around and hoping that a photographer will have the availability to meet your needs. That can cause its own issue – hiring someone new and unknown, who has to get to grips with what you want them to shoot there and then – pretty much on the job – giving them no real sense of the needs of the session or indeed, who you are as a brand.

Now, in no way am I suggesting that we meet daily for coffee, move in or go on holiday together… Oh no, this is a very simple way to have a fabulous photographer (me again) on hand to facilitate superb content throughout the year. Ensuring that images are readily accessible for social media platforms, websites, brochures etc.

Importantly, a business retainer encourages a relationship so that I can get to know the customer and their brand. This helps build a consistent story, developing over time spent together so that I better understand what it is essential for that brand and its future in stills.

Building trust within a brand is a crucial element and through the use of consistent methods, that are outstanding I might add, the photographs help to establish a well- known, recognised and trusted brand.

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