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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

If you had asked me 10 years ago whether I thought I'd be photographing products I would have given you a resounding no. Fast forward 10 years and pretty much everything about my photography has changed. I've got better in all aspects. I understand light and I learn even more with every photoshoot I, why should you have professionally shot images?

Quality product photography matches customer expectations and build trust

Have you ever looked at an item on amazon and thought...I love that and then scrolled through the images and they've been taken on Aunt Doris' mobile phone, in terrible lighting and with a terrible result and at that point you decide to search for another provider! Of course, you have! You want to know that your hard earned money has gone to a reputable business. With products AND clothing, survey suggests customers want between 5 and 8 photographs of each product including close ups - why, because people want to know what they are buying. If it's clothing I also prefer to see the clothes on a real person but that could just be me.

Professional images gives you options

You don't just need to photograph products on white backdrops (except for amazon). Add colour, add a 360, add a lifestyle it?

Ok - look at it this way... you are scrolling through the social media platform of choice and you are suddenly faced with an amazing photograph of a woman on a hill watching a stunning sunset with the most glorious pair of sunglasses on. (I do love sunglasses) It makes you STOP THE SCROLL, you then look at the next image, a 360 spin off the photographs, a white backdrop image, a close up, a couple more lifestyle images ....and you follow the link and buy the sunglasses.

That's what I can do for your clients.

Customers know what they are getting

When you use professional images your customers know what they are getting and that means less returns. The images truly look like package they receive! WIN WIN

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