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Selfies and why I won't stop taking them!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

*edited January 2019*

Well, 4 years have passed since the original blog post and we are still taking selfies. Family selfies, couple selfies and selfies with my friends. It is still just as important as it was 4 years ago to chronicle our lives together and whether than is lives together with my husband, friends or family it matters not. I want to show I was there - I existed. I still hate having my photo taken. I am conscious of all the things I shouldn't be conscious about - that my family and friends don't give a damn about. And - even though I hate it I admit that I do love a selfie! I'm in charge of it! I know my best angles. They don't show the bits I dislike - just me and mine!

Yes, I am a photographer - Yes I can take some amazing photos but these are in the moment and snapshots at life. After all, no on walks round 24/7 with a lifestyle photographer working full time.

So here are some updated selfies - because why not!


I take a LOT of selfies with my husband and my children but whilst trying to take the latest one he whispered,

"I'm not going anywhere".

My heart stopped, he had worked it out! In every place where we have been having a fabulous time I have tried to take a picture of the two of us together. I need to! The unmentionable could happen at any time to either of us, this being driven home last year. The selfies of me and my hubby will be there forever, carefully catalogued and put into little books. A remembrance of our time together for the other one if one of us is left behind...

Its not morbid, I'm not planning for the worst. I just want to know that there is something of each of us. Something for forever! Maybe after this week has passed and answers are given it will be less important but I seriously doubt it. *Edited, it would take a further 3 years before we would get some firm answers following my husband push bike accident in 2015. We eventually learned he had a number of health issues, these being sarcoidosis, arthritis and haemochromatosis amongst other things?

I get how people hate selfies, especially in the photography community. But these aren't supposed to be technically correct, they simply capture the story of us so far. What better reason could there be to take photos!?

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