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Summer musings and custom images or stock images!

May & June blog

Hello and welcome to this edition of my blog. I am, as is often the case during the warmer months, a huge fan of May & June. It is when the weather starts to behave, (we hope) and I can get planning some much needed outside time for myself and the family.

This is the first time that I have combined a blog over two months, but as you read along with me you will see that it has been a rather hectic start to the summer.

So, grab a mug of something soothing and join me in a gentle ramble through my findings, musing and general chat.

First and foremost, I decided (after being told that my rent was being increased, again!) that it was time to leave the studio where I have been working for the past 3 years.

I have been lucky enough to work at some fabulous locations recently, both indoors and outside, and had thought that this could be my way forward.

Well, I did, and I have and will now be working in a more ad hoc manner. Taking my equipment wherever the wind (read clients), takes me. From hired premises to country estates and all that lies in between – shopping centres have certainly become a recent favourite – and I have always got the great outdoors too!

Fun Facts about May & June

May was named after the Greek Goddess, Maia, the goddess of fertility. In Old England, May was traditionally known as the Month of Three Milkings, because May was the month that cows could be milked three times a day. Poor buggers!

Plus, May heralds the start of village fairs, with the likes of cider tents, Morris Dancing and general socialising to tempt us back outdoors again. Although, I for one really do struggle with the whole ‘Morris Dancing’ attraction. I blame the tights, bells and the really rather bizarre actions and arm waving!

Now June is definitely up there as one of my favourite months of the year. It marks the start of Summer and I love the warmer temperature, walking through long meadow grass, the smell of honeysuckle and evenings spent outside. It is also a time of reflection as I have blinked, and we are now halfway through the year.

The ancient Romans are believed to have named this month and one theory is that the Goddess of marriage, Juno was the origin for its name. Before Julius Caesar came to power, June was the fourth month, but he added another couple of months way back in 46 BC, so June became number six.

Depending on where you live in the world, June has both the longest and shortest days of the year. Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, June the 21st is the longest day, while those in the Southern Hemisphere get the shortest.

Plus, June heralds the start of Wimbledon, which for many is the real start of British Summertime and yes, I am thinking prosecco and strawberries!

Now, way back in April, I explored why many people really do not like being in front of a camera… In this blog, I am going to talk about stock and custom photography, together with the pros and cons of each.


Custom photography is the resultant work of a hired professional photographer. These images are unique, providing individual content which can help brands take their message to a new level.

On the other hand, stock photos are available from the internet, simple and basic – as in, samey and anyone can use them for their own content, however, they usually hold little significance to a brand and other companies could, and often do, use the same images.

On the plus side, stock photos are free, which for small and new businesses tends to be a huge pull and I get that. I really do!

So, Why use Custom if stock ones are free?

Originality, baby!

In business, it really is essential that you stand out – in order to get noticed using stock images really won’t do. You might and probably will, fade into the background amongst your competitors.

Having an idea to sell a product takes real talent, but it is how you market that something which is the really crucial part. Marketing has to be at the forefront of any business plan and sadly, for many, they simply don’t include hiring a brand photographer in the budget.

Custom photography does exactly what it says on the tin, or screen, and will bring your business directly to the attention of all those lovely potential clients. They will see what you do, the problem you solve and how you solve it through the genius of content. Images that are specifically targeted to highlight the very best of what you do, in a positive manner that exudes confidence, professionalism and integrity.

Beware relying too heavily on those stock images!

In a nutshell, stock images are known generally as fillers – great to use when you are a tad low on content but not to be used on a regular basis. Having Custom images as part of your brand photoshoot gives you oodles of possibilities.

‘But they are free!’ I hear you cry…

Yes, and that is a very good reason to use them, but only very occasionally.

Competing brands will also use similar, if not the same images and that can look really naff.

In fact, that could be a big fat negative for any viewer and may well cost you a client.

And finally,

Wishing you all a very pleasant month – The weather is joyous with blue skies and tons of green spaces should you wish to find them. I will, mostly be enjoying the garden when not working and taking advantage of the rather pleasant village pub mere yards from my front door.

Take care, dear reader until next time.

Fiona xx

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