• Fi Millington-Pipe

The accident

Frank lowered his camera, the long lens banging against his leg. He didn't feel it, he was impervious to pain - the only pain was that in his heart. They had no idea he was there, taking pictures through the net curtain, gaining evidence. Carla, his wife, was supposed to be dead, died in a road traffic accident 5 years ago! Hell, he's even identified the body! Yet, here she was in the arms of another! How? Why? They had been happy, or so he thought...

Carla raised her eyes and looked directly through the window, it was like she could see him - but that was impossible wasn't it. She smirked, winked and went back to the nameless adonis. Frank shuddered and walked away.

Carla's mind was racing. How had Frank found her? Where had she made her mistake? He would ruin everything and then they would never be free!

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Fiona Millington-Pipe is an East Midlands,Coalville based photographer offering family photoshoots on location and in a studio, product photography and business photography. My aim is to make you relaxed and capture the real you!


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