• Fi Millington-Pipe

The real Fi

Who Am I? Fi the wife? Fi the sister? Fi the friend? Fi the mum of the family? Aunti Fi? Daughter? Or Fi the photographer - wedding, boudoir and family portrait?

Image courtesy of Julie Oswin

Well, let me introduce you - I am Fi, a mixture of all these things. Sometimes Fi the photographer is in charge...some times Fi the sloth, and sometimes Fi the hermit. But I can tell you YOU are important to me. If I have chosen to have you in my life as client or friend or family member YOU will come first.

Get to know me better....

1. Sunflowers are my favourite flower

2. Red lipstick should be in every girls bag

3. I have nearly 40 pairs of sunglasses (well you can never have too many)

4. I love high heels but they hurt and so have a wardrobe full but never wear them

5. I love my best friends fiercely

6. Wine and gin are always in the cupboard

7. I am messy - love me, love my mess

8. If you need me I am there. Cut me out and I will try until the trying hurts too much

9. I am the bravest I can be with my camera in my hand

10. I eat cheese with pretty much everything

11. Everything can be solved with cheesecake and it is never too early to eat a slice

12. Hurt my family and you will be my enemy

13. My twin sister is one of my best friends

14. If I have taken your picture in the past and I have ignored you in the street - it wasn't me it was my twin!


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Fiona Millington-Pipe is an East Midlands,Coalville based photographer offering family photoshoots on location and in a studio, product photography and business photography. My aim is to make you relaxed and capture the real you!


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