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What do your photos say about you?

Well, Hello Autumn, although the last few evenings have felt slightly chillier than I would like, and the darker evenings are definitely here. There are, however, lots of things that I do love about this time of year. You will just have to wait until later in the blog – and no, it’s not because I can’t think of any…

Anyway, this month’s blog is all about the importance of branding. Whether in favour or not, how we showcase what it is we do on social media is immensely important. Well, it is if you want to be successful.

The aim of all social media marketing is simply to boost brand awareness. Building a robust number of followers and connections who understand what it is you do and how you do it – namely solving whatever pain your client needs help with.

How often have you visited a website and the pictures have not only been dull, but out of focus and really not inspired you to look any further? This also applies to photographs of business owners, their staff, maybe the dog.

People, and by that, I mean potential buyers, are out there – ALL THE TIME and what they see when the click onto a web page will dictate how the next 8 ish seconds go. They will either stay and continue their journey to buy from you, or and here we cringe, they will take one look at the appalling shots on your page and promptly click off it again.

You are the expert, and your social media presence should reflect this. No dodgy 80s haircut, an hilarious picture of you when you were drunk at a wedding, or even one where most of your face is obscured by a hat, your hair, or behind the dog.

Bringing what it is you do to the masses is aided massively by photographs – and it doesn’t matter what you do, photographs of you will help clients connect with you, recognise what it is you do and (if you get your social media right) come to trust you and then, hopefully, buy from you.

All because you realised that personal branding is really, and I mean really important!

Social Media Branding

Let’s talk visuals.

People are attracted to tasteful graphics and easy to understand content that doesn’t require a BA to decipher it.

If you have an established brand then there will be a logo, colour scheme, etc…By the way, when was the last time you viewed your current branding? – and I mean with a critical eye!

Was the website, leaflets, headshots of staff, and photos of your products taken recently, updated recently, or not been touched for the last decade?

Its okay if the last one applies to you – we all get caught up in our business lives and simply forget about the image that we project to the outside world. Its an important part of business and yet it is so often overlooked.

Variety is something that I’d normally yell about being super important, but with branding not so much. Cover photos, profile pictures and item branding need to be similar to one another. By maintaining a uniform appearance, you will aid potential clients, because they will come to recognise your brand from the colour scheme and layout you choose.

Looked at your team photos lately?

Remember, up to date photographs of yourself and your team are a great addition to the website and other marketing platforms. Introducing new members of staff, congratulating an achievement, or simply relaying something relevant and hopefully amusing, will attract folk to your social media and keep it fresh and interactive.

In other news…

The studio is up and running and I could not be happier with it. I have space and light to work, as well as a fabulous coffee shop along the corridor and no end of people to yell for when a large spider (think huge) decides to amble into the room.

Sliding into November is all about cosy eves by the fire, taste-testing mince pies and stock-pilling Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, so chin up, my friends. Here’s to an amazing month.

Keep safe, warm and smiling into that selfie.

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