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Why I joined The Guild?

Over the last 2 years of photography I've looked for a professional body to join. I even won a years membership to one...but it, despite being fabulous never felt right. The professional body I searched for had to have a few things for it to work for me, which was why it took so long to decide.

The Guild of Professional Photographers offered all you would expect and more....continued training opportunities was just one of the things that I wanted! (I am undertaking my first course in a matter of weeks - wedding photography.) It was hugely important to be able to access training because I want to continue to develop; there is always something new to learn and I want to learn it! I want to be the best that I can be!

It gives me the opportunity to enter competitions and receive professional feedback to help me develop further.

It provides me with legal and business support, debt collection and masses of other miscellaneous things but the thing that really sold it to me was the huge and active facebook community. Within a couple of hours of my membership being confirmed I had been added to The Guild facebook pages. The camaraderie and family atmosphere was obvious immediately and I was soon welcomed into it. I have asked my fair share of daft questions and not once has there been a negative response or snarky comment; nor have I seen them on other peoples posts. I've also contributed to other posts and felt like I made a difference - I helped!

The thing that really drove home that I had made the best choice was when I posted about a wish I had (sorry not going into the details) and how I couldn't currently achieve that it - I had a phone call and email within 24 hours helping my dream come true. Helping me find a solution...no problem was too big, no problem too small! Their response for my gratitude was"The Guild was built on trust and will continue to be". Yep, this was the place for me!

In a few months time, I'm going to start working through my qualifications - not because it is essential to continue doing what I'm doing but because I want to and The Guild in one month has given me the belief to go for it.

So to recap, why did I choose The Guild? On going training, qualifications and a massively supportive, caring and active facebook community.

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Fiona Millington-Pipe is an East Midlands,Coalville based photographer offering family photoshoots on location and in a studio, product photography and business photography. My aim is to make you relaxed and capture the real you!


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