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Why Laughter and Humour in Professional Photo Shoots is Essential

Hello and welcome to this month’s blog. It’s May, thank goodness - ‘I am loving the warmer and ever so slightly less rainy weather.’ Fear not, I whispered that as I typed.

I recently had a conversation with someone at a networking meeting regarding a photoshoot who wanted to look ‘a certain way’ for her business photographs. When I delved a little deeper, the vision she had was not at all relating to her true self and her business. I gave her my workbook (that everyone branding client receives) She worked through it on her own and then we had a detailed zoom call where we discussed her thoughts and ideas together. We collaborated and through the workbook and a Pinterest board we created a photoshoot that was not only portraying her authentic self but also showing her target audience the person behind the business. The heart and soul of the business, if you will. People want to see you – the real you and this got me thinking, hence this blog.

In my world of professional photography, capturing authentic and compelling images is essential. One often overlooked but incredibly valuable tool in achieving this goal is the power of laughter and humour.

So, strap yourself in, grab a mug of something soothing and dip your hand contentedly into that bag of Maltesers as I explore why incorporating laughter and humour really can elevate the quality of a photo shoot.

Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

Regardless of where the environment is for a professional photo shoot, a relaxed atmosphere is essential. For many clients, stepping in front of the camera can evoke feelings of nervousness, self-consciousness and, let’s be honest, nausea.

Low confidence is an issue for a lot of people so, building a rapport with clients is a key factor for me and helps break the ice before the shoot begins. I always ask about their interests, hobbies, maybe even share a humorous anecdote, which encourages flashes of spontaneity, playfulness and laughter. During these moments, I often get some of the best pictures of the shoot.

Reflect Their Authentic Self

In a world where curated images dominate social media feeds, there is a growing desire for authenticity in photography. Laughter and humour play a crucial role in helping individuals feel comfortable enough to let their true selves shine through during a photo shoot. By embracing moments of genuine joy to unfold, photographers can capture images that reflect the unique personalities and inner beauty of their subjects. These authentic representations resonate with viewers on a deeper level, fostering a sense of connection and empathy.

Capture Natural Expression

Nerves play a huge part before and during a photoshoot. Even the most seasoned models and subjects experience nerves, never mind us mere mortals. So, being in front of a camera is an unknown quantity – these are the ones usually behind the lens, so can develop strained expressions and rigid bodies as I am about to take a photograph.

This pressure, albeit placed on themselves, creates tension and so stepping away from the camera, I find ways to distract them. Introducing humour, at this point, goes some way in alleviating that stress, allowing their guard to ease so they connect with the camera in a more positive way.

Forced smiles and stiff poses detract from the overall impact of an image. However, when laughter enters the scene, it has a remarkable ability to break down barriers and create a sense of ease among subjects and photographers alike.

So, There You Have It!

In the world of professional photography, the importance of laughter and humour

cannot be overstated. By fostering a relaxed atmosphere, capturing natural expressions, and alleviating tension and nerves, laughter serves as a powerful tool for creating compelling and authentic images.

The next time you find yourself around a camera, don't forget to bring a sense of humour along for the ride—it just might be the secret ingredient to capturing that perfect shot. The goal is not just to capture beautiful images but to ensure that your clients enjoy the process and leave feeling confident and empowered.

And Finally…

Those days of sunshine are visibly imminent – colour has burst amongst the hedgerows and the garden are looking brighter. Hanging baskets have made an appearance and the local garden, as usual, has already run out of bedding plants.

Don’t forget that should anxiety and or worry invade, whisper the words, ‘This Too Shall Pass,’ and get yourself outside.

Till next month, dear reader.

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