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Embracing the Unknown and Learning to Say Yes

Hello and welcome to this month’s blog.

I am writing this from my ‘floating’ writing sanctuary and thanking the gods that we got the roof repaired when we did, although please do not get my hubby started on the resultant plastering job.

We are just back from a very wet, although as always delightful, trip to France. I read a book or three accompanied by wine, ate cheese, enjoyed my family and pondered the many things that we allow to restrict our lives.

So, grab a mug of something warming as I wax lyrical about the joy to be found in this month and how saying ‘yes’ while throwing off our comfort blanket can lead to exciting adventures.

The Allure of Familiarity

March is traditionally the month when Spring stakes its claim and colour returns to nature. Delicate buds, glorious daffodils and the arrival of hedgehogs, hungry after their hibernation, signal that deep joyful breath of new life.

Like our prickly friends, humans are creatures of habit, seeking and often holding on to habits and stability. In that sphere of familiarity, we find solace and security. The warm embrace of routine and predictability acts like a comfort blanket. However, this sanctuary often becomes a self-imposed cage, preventing us from experiencing the exhilaration that often comes with saying ‘Yes’ to the unknown.


Discomfort – A Prelude to Growth


Now, obviously I am not saying that all ‘discomfort’ leads to growth, we’d need a whole other blog for that, but in this instance, taking a step into uncharted territory can lead to positive life changing experiences.


Believe me, I know how discomfort, the fear of failure and rejection overrides innate curiosity, talking us out of opportunity and back into our comfort zone. Something inside whispers that this is where we belong, denying ourselves the chance to grow and evolve.


It can be in those moments of discomfort that true growth occurs.


If you are of an age where you remember the Ready Brek advert, then you will recall an orange glow around the child. It’s that effect that can occur when you step into the unknown, experiencing a rush of excitement and a feeling of being so alive that the world looks a little bit brighter.



See Challenge as a Stepping Stone not a Stumbling Block


The comfort zone may provide a sense of security, but it also limits our potential for innovation and self-discovery.


It's in the challenge that our hidden strengths are revealed and saying ‘Yes’ becomes a mantra for personal development and pushing boundaries to new possibilities.


Let’s talk Photographs!


I’ve talked about this before and it remains a fact – for many people being in front of a camera is a decidedly uncomfortable place.


Whether that’s for family celebrations or for business branding photographs, there are always those people who are just not happy when the camera is pointed at them.

However, the overwhelmingly positive reaction I see when I reveal the photographs I’ve taken, makes me feel stronger and more courageous when I reach my own limits.


Photographs by a professional photographer are more than just taking a snapshot. This should be an adventure into self-discovery and a celebration of individuality. Professional photos capture not just our physical appearance but also the essence of who we are in that moment.


Saying ‘Yes’ to this experience allows us to see ourselves through a different lens, fostering a sense of confidence and appreciation for our unique qualities. Working with a skilled photographer is a shared journey, an exploration of angles and expressions that reveallayers of our personality we may not have recognised before.


Taking a deep breath and faking that smile until it becomes a genuine one of joy, will be something that you will forever be grateful for doing. We are after all, only here once and those years do seem to fly by...



And finally…


Those days of sunshine are getting closer – I am looking forward to those long days of warmth, accompanied by the gentle buzz of a bumble bee amongst the flowers.


January and February are behind and what better way to start a new month than by being receptive to opportunities. Whatever it is you have planned for this month, I hope that you can welcome some open-mindedness to your life.


Practice using the word, ‘yes’, seek out an adventure or two and try to make time for some green therapy.


Till next month, dear reader.

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