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Capturing the Joy of February: A Brand Photographer’s Perspective

 Hello and welcome to this month’s blog. I am incredibly relieved to see the back of January. It was a month of dripping ceilings, rotten walls and a little bit of chaos. Thankfully, the roof is now replaced and the plasterers have left the building!

We have been left a little frazzled by the experience, poorer due to the number of meals and time in the superb pub over the road but are still together and almost smiling.

February unveils a subtle yet magical transformation in nature as winter's chill begins to loosen its grip. This month provides me with a canvas to capture the essence of awakening and that joyful anticipation of spring. That backdrop provides opportunity to showcase what it is you do and who you are in a different setting. When you take a selfie as a business owner, you want viewers to notice you, so exploring different settings is a must.

In the main, I am talking, ‘Brand Photography’ and want to explore how using nature can enhance, compliment and even draw attention to your brand. So, grab a mug of something warming as I wax lyrical about the joy to be found in this month and my plans looking ahead.

Embracing the Enchantment

In the quiet transition from January to February, there's a palpable shift in the air. Delicate buds signal nature's reawakening, creating a visual symphony of muted hues and promising greens, combine to provide a perfect backdrop for your brand photography.

February is indeed a month of transition and can be an absolute corker for us photographers. As the season of cold, wind, cold, more wind and somewhere in the country, snow, comes to an end the opportunity to capture the story of renewal is right in front of us. You simply need a lens and your imagination to embrace the enchantment.

The Dance of Light and Shadows

A subtle play of light and shadows is one of the things that I love about this month. The sun, though still gentle, casts a warmer glow that creates captivating contrasts. Try using this interplay to your advantage, highlighting the intricate details of budding flora or capturing the soft glow of early morning or late afternoon. These nuances add depth and emotion to your brand photos, creating a visual narrative that can really resonate with your audience.

Bringing the outside in can often have a ‘sit up and notice’ moment for viewers, so play with different times of day to get the best result.

Whispers of Spring

You may have to bend down a bit, or even kneel (as one of my good friends does) to see the unfurling of spring flowers but I promise you, they are there. At the weekend, I took a turn around the garden Okay, that was a tad Jane Austen but I wanted to see what was making an entrance. And guess what? Yes, there were the snowdrops, their delicate white heads stark against the soil, while the trees and rose bushes have new buds.

Taking a turn – as I do frequently around the garden, lets you hear the whispers of spring as they unfold. In February, nature begins to unveil its treasures and these early bloomers embody the resilience of life and the promise of vibrant days ahead.

Have a go at incorporating these symbols of renewal into your brand photography to evoke a sense of hope and positivity.

A Palette of Change

In some areas of the country there has been snow but, if like me, you are slap bang in the middle of the UK, then there has been no snow, just a few rather cold starts with frost. However, those cold mornings do offer a wonderful array of colour with the remnants of winter's frost mingling with the emerging greens and soft pastels.

Experimenting with this evolving colour scheme in your photos, symbolises the journey from the cold, monochromatic winter to the vivid, lively hues of spring. Those subtle shifts in colour reveal a story of transformation and growth, which can be transported onto your business. Expressing yourself through colour is a widely accepted form of marketing and a great way to get recognition. So, click away and find out what suits you best!

Tap into Emotion

February embodies a quiet joy, a gentle awakening that cajoles us to infuse photographs with the emotions of this month—optimism, anticipation, and the very real hope that Easter will be wonderfully warm!

Creating an emotional response through photographs is what I want for my clients. The very real joy on their faces when they first see their brand images and the discussion and plans that form before, during and after those images have been taken.

As you set foot out of the back door, camera in hand to capture your brand journey, remember to leverage the hashtags #FebruaryAwakening and #BrandPhotography. Then share those images on your social media platforms and invite your audience to experience the joy of this month.

And finally…


As of March, the 1st, there will be an increase in price for my services.


This basically means that February is THE PERFECT TIME for you to contact me should you have been contemplating booking yourself a photo session with me.


Rates will be increasing to enable me to continuously provide the exceptional level of confidence-boosting, utterly awesome photography shoots that my clients deserve.


Till next time, dear reader.



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