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Well, Hello March!

Wasn’t that last weekend of Feb fabulous?

I put my makeup on, grabbed my sunglasses and book – paused to check my shiny new lippy in the mirror and headed for the garden. Well, we are still in lockdown, but I was determined to not waste a second of that glorious vitamin D.

I sat on my chair which is situated perfectly in a little suntrap, listened to the birdsong and dived into my book. Serious little piece of escapism, right there and I didn’t even have to leave the boundaries of my own home. Mentally, that kind of thing is what I need, and those few hours have done me the world of good. I even slept better that weekend, although that could have been the wine.

That little bit of fabulousness with the sunny weather will hopefully have lifted us all – yes, as I write its murky and cold and I have a blanket across my lap, a mug of tea and the dog curled up as near as she can be – but the sun will return, and the winter is quite firmly behind us.

This blog is all about Spring, so grab a cuppa and join me as I wax lyrical about the joys of this season…

It’s Springtime

Most definitely a win in this household as it contains lots of my favourite things.

Firstly, there’s Mother’s Day, 14th March – popping the date in there just in case you didn’t realise it was quite so early this year – and this is usually where I get to photograph lots of Mothers with their children and occasionally the odd spouse.

Being outside with a family at this time of year is really lovely. The children soon forget I’m there and the adults relax as they get swept into the fun. Plus, the light is often amazing too.

This year I have been using vouchers for clients, owing to the simple fact of restrictions and these have been selling well. The voucher lasts for a whopping 12 months starting from the end of lockdown, so I am looking forwards to a busy and fulfilling summer.

Getting families together makes my heart soar and whether that is outdoors or in my Brand-New Studio…

‘Have I mentioned I’ve moved to a swanky new pad in Loughborough?’

‘I have and you know?’

‘Fair enough.’ Anyway, with the vaccine programme well under way, it does seem and feel like the world is slowly righting itself. I really, really hope that it won’t be long until I can get the doors open, welcome people in and launch the studio officially.

Did someone say chocolate?

Hot on the heels of Mother’s Day, follows EASTER and this fabulous celebration of chocolate bounds into our lives the first weekend of April.

Regardless of age or background, chocolate it seems, always makes the world a far better place.

It does seem rather early this year – I, for one am not complaining – maybe the powers that be decided that we all needed a great big hug in the form of chocolatey celebration.

So, to all thing’s chocolate. Are you someone who gently prizes the two sides of an Easter Egg apart, revealing the extra treats inside – or are you more of a ‘smash it all over a tray, the table or general area’, kinda person?

I’m a smash it, kinda gal – that sound and the incredible waft of chocolate never fails to please and I refuse to share as I love nothing more than snuggling on the sofa with my own Easter egg and a huge mug of tea.

In other news…

I’ve been doing a fare old bit of walking with my two trusty hounds, Mouse and Badger and one of our favourites trips out is to the nearby woods. Spotting the first snowdrops pushing up through the ground, followed by irises and daffs has been an immensely soothing way to spend some time.

Getting out in the fresh air and grabbing a little bit of me time is always good for the soul and

walking with the dogs is often when a new idea emerges. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was out, wandering happy as a cloud - I know it’s ‘wandered lonely as a cloud,’ but mine fits in with what I’m writing about and really, I can’t help thinking that clouds can’t be anything but happy up there – Where was I… Oh yes, so there I was and hey-presto, as if by magic, my ‘bluebell photoshoot’ was born. Check out the offer on the website.

I have taken photographs up in the woods during Spring for years with friends and family - it is always a lovely way to spend some time and the contrast of the light against the bluebells, spread against the ground like a carpet, never fails to capture my breath.

And finally,

Look forward, dear reader and plan your tomorrow. I am excited by the thought that I will, in the not-too-distant future, be sat at a table in my local café surrounded by my friends.

May I end this blog with warm wishes to you all – here’s to the success of the vaccine and the safe easing of restricted life as we have come to know it.

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